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Pet Therapy

High Desert Obedience Club's
"Pet Pals" Program
Do you have a pet that is:

Even Tempered…
Well Behaved
Interested in People…
Current on All Vaccinations…
Likes to be Touched
Gets Along With Other Pets

You May Be Living With a Future Therapy Dog!!

View our schedule of therapy visits

What Makes a Good Therapy Dog?

Many of the necessities are noted above. By all means, the dog must be social and enjoy greeting and visiting people. They should also enjoy being petted and touched. And, of course, they must be under the handler's control at all times. A basic obedience class is a must. They must be able to function around other dogs. Socialize, socialize!


Getting Involved

There are several wonderful organizations you can register your therapy dog with. It is important to register with an organization as they will provide you with insurance coverage and help you get started. And, of course, they are always there for support. All pet therapy dogs in the Pet Pals program are registered with Therapy Dogs, Inc.

For more information please contact Carole - therapy@highdesertobedienceclub.org.

Meet Some of Our Therapy Dogs!

Alison Coleman and Tula

Kathy Jacobs and Bullet

Mary Dincau and Patch

Carol Trees and Willow

Connie Jones and Lance

Sue Guzenske & Sam & Sunny

Ellen and Biele

Jean and Shakie

Mary and Oz

Sherry McGrath and Missy

Paulette and Chelsey

Richard Jones and Lance
Therapy Dogs attending the Antelope Valley Hospitals Volunteer "Thank You" Luncheon the week of April 12th.


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